Clutter-free your life with a storage unit in Grays Harbor

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Clutter-free your life with a storage unit in Grays Harbor

Storage unit in Grays Harbor

Storage unit in Grays Harbor

Everyone can use more storage in their home. Many people are limited on closet or cabinet space, which leaves items overflowing into common areas or walkways. This often leads to injuries, especially at night when these areas are dark and these areas are expected to be clear. To get your living space back, invest in a storage space for the following reasons. It’s sure to give you peace of mind.

STORAGE CONVENIENCE. Depending where you live, there is sure to be a storage unit within a mile of your home. Many of these facilities have dozens to hundreds units ranging in various sizes. Some units are indoors, while other storage facilities are strictly outdoors. It’s important you weigh both options. Floods, bugs and other conflicts can affect you either way—so just educate yourself and be aware.

STORAGE FLEXIBILITY. What do you want to store in your unit? If it’s furniture, you’re going to want a large unit. Don’t be afraid to stack high to the ceiling, but don’t make it so high that it tumbles when you’re not around. Remember, your storage unit neighbors will come when you’re not there and if they bang up against your neighboring wall too hard that shaky box at top may fall. Stack securely and you’re sure to be fine. On another note, consider that you store items for your personal life and business. There is not any limit on what can or cannot go into storage. After all, it’s all yours and it all needs a home.

STORAGE PRICE: For an extra $50 or so a month, you can store your antiques or winter clothes in a unit. Not a lot of people have a garage or basement that they can put these items into with ease. If you’re investing in a storage unit, however, pay the extra to get a secure lock. Burglars hit these too and you’re going to want to be protected. Also, don’t pay for space you don’t need. If you’re only storing clothes, you might be able to get away with a small unit. If you’re storing items until you move, however, then opt for the larger one. Think of it as buying a car. Would you really buy an RV to go to a job across town? Hope not.

GET RID OF THAT CLUTTER. Sure, you could have a garage sale. But what if you’re in the process of moving or don’t have the time? A storage unit is a good option. Besides, you could probably sell your items online and make a lot more money. If you’re storing your clutter in a storage unit, do so efficiently. Label all the containers so you know what’s in them. This way, you’re not searching ten containers for a sweater Aunt Teresa gave you last Christmas. It should be in your ‘winter sweaters’ box, label appearing in the top right corner of the box—of course (where else?).

And finally—STORE AWAY BULKY SEASONAL ITEMS. These are considered sports equipment, lawn care equipment and anything else you don’t use year round. If you haven’t anywhere else to put them, then put them in a storage unit. This way, they are out of your home and there are fewer items for you to trip over in the night. There’s no need for you fall over your son’s football that was left on the stairs when it could be stored in the unit. Be reasonable about what you store in the store in the unit and you’ll always live a clutter-free life!

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